Pride Month

Black LGBTQ pioneers who changed the course of history!

Check out the innumerable contributions made by Black LGBTQ Americans in politics, art, medicine, and a host of other fields.

Storme DeLarverie, Marsha P. Johnson and Bayard Rustin

Black Mental Health

Black Pioneers In Mental Health

The health of people in the African Diaspora is also a Black Studies issue. Check out the contributions of Black Americans' to the field of mental health.

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee Crumpler: First Black Woman to Receive Her M.D!

We believe in honoring those who have impacted the world with their activism, inventions, achievements and more! There is much more history to celebrate than can fit in one month's time.
Join us as we honor the African American women and men who made history that you may or may not already know.

Bridging Digital Divide

Bridging the Digital Divide!

The AFRO PWW 2 initiative encourages Black Studies scholars to expand their use of digital tools in their educational activities.

Our Work 2

Our Catalog!

Our Outreach and Education Project attracted a diverse group of scholars with varying degrees of technology experience and research interests. Check out a few of their publications.

Tyechia Thompson, Author & Producer

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"The future of scholarship, teaching, community leadership and more!"

What our Project directors are saying

"We apply the “digital divide” concept to higher education and our work in African American Studies. Our focus is on digital publishing. We seek to increase our collaboration with scholars, historically-Black colleges (HBCUs), community-based libraries and museums, and other information workers. Our goal is to produce and distribute more knowledge about the long, deep, and diverse human experiences lived by Black people, and share this with as many people as possible."

Ronald William Bailey
Co-PI and Project Director
"AFRO PWW 2 is both an educational and publishing project designed to teach participants how to create in digital publishing platforms and to assist them in the production of at least one online open access peer-reviewed publication. It has three hands-on educational experiences - Introduction to Digital Publishing Webinar, Publications Only Workshops and the Digital Scholarship for the Digital Age Institute (DSDA). Our dedicated team of specialists will instruct and advise participants in the use of the four digital platforms we support in order for them to develop proficiency in the platform(s) of their choice."
marilyn thomas-houston
Co-PI and Project Director

aFRO PWW 2 Partners

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Email us: afropww-2@illinois.edu

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