Proposed Activities and objectives

The overall mission of AFRO PWW has been to “incorporate digital practices into the publication and dissemination of scholarship in the humanities and ensure its dissemination to the broadest possible audience” by “helping humanities scholars and their publications participate more fully in the open Web.” And hence, to accomplish this goal, AFRO PWW-2’s outreach and education activities propose three incredible learning opportunities for its participants Free of Charge

1. Introduction to (AFRO PWW 2) Digital Publishing Webinar.
This webinar includes four videos introducing you to our digital publishing project and the publication platforms we support. It also includes links to the AFRO PWW Platforms Sandbox for you to practice and a Handbook with instructions on how to input data into the Pressbooks, Scalar, Omeka, and OJS platforms. Additional resources, such as links to presentations by noted scholars in the digital publishing field, a calendar of events with an option to request a consultation, and assignments; should you decide to continue toward the creation of your own digital publication.

2. Publications-Only Workshops
The “Pub Only” workshop is a hands-on learning experience designed for an individual to produce one publication. Workshop participants with formed projects but different levels of experience are accepted and guided through the development of a digital publication. The workshops use “How To Videos,” development by experienced digital publishing specialists and an online course manual to guide participants through the production process for a specific platform. The Production Team is available for Zoom consultations each week. An FAQ discussion forum in Moodle will be provided to address common problems that arise from the various participants. Uncommon problems will be discussed at the recorded individual Zoom consultations. The Publications Only Workshop will help participants develop skillsets such as knowledge of the fundamentals of design and composition, general knowledge of design software, color theory, and graphic design. Such knowledge assists in the pre-publishing phase before inputting their research into the publication platforms.

3. Developing Scholarship for the Digital Age (DSDA), a Digital Publishing Virtual Institute.
This is an eight-week, hands-on class structured as an online asynchronous workshop with eight modules and daily synchronous meetings. The participants will meet as a hybrid class once a week, complete assignments, have online group discussions, and complete the design and examples for two publications on different platforms by the end of the eight weeks. Participants wishing to set up a digital publishing project at their own institutions will also design and deliver/teach a module on the platform of their choice. Upon completing the DSDA course, participants can apply for the “Pub Only Workshop.”

Publication Tools


We Can Support you and your projects.

PWW utilizes a suite of publication tools and platforms to support your projects. We will work with you to determine which tools and platforms best meet your publication goals and requirements.


Simple software, based on WordPress for the production of eBooks in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF formats.


An authoring and publishing platform that enables users to assemble media from multiple sources and juxtapose them with their own writing in a variety of ways.


A web-publishing platform for displaying collections and exhibitions. 

Open Journal Systems

A journal management and publishing system that can support serial publications and other forms of modular content.

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