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'HTML is for everyone' with Alex Dryden

Nov 29 2022

Alex Dryden is a visiting research programmer for IOPN; much of his work occurs behind the scenes, where he manages the technical infrastructure supporting the IOPN publication platforms. This workshop described how HTML is used to represent the structure of a document and how CSS interacts with that structure to control the presentation of the document. This webinar featured an interactive workshop on turning an essay into an HTML document and styling it with CSS. 

'Navigating Copyright in Digital Publications' with Sara Benson

Oct 21 2022

Sara Benson is the Copyright Librarian and an Associate Professor in the Scholarly Communication and Publishing Unit at the University of Illinois Library.  She is also affiliated with the Center for Global Studies and the European Union Center at the University of Illinois. She holds a JD from the University of Houston Law Center, an LLM from Boalt Hall School of Law at Berkeley, and an MSLIS from the School of Information Science at the University of Illinois. In her webinar, she discusses copyright basics for digital projects.

'Designing a Metadata Strategy for Your Digital Publications' Seminar with Dan Tracy

Sept 27 2022

Professor Dan Tracy is the Head of Scholarly Communication and Publishing at the University of Illinois Library, where he leads the library-based digital publishing initiative, the Illinois Open Publishing Network, as well as unit services including the institutional repository, researcher information systems, copyright, open educational resources, and digital humanities. In his webinar, he discussed metadata for digital projects. 

On Sept 13th, Dr. Mary Ton held a seminar on 'writing strategies for digital publications'.

Sept 13 2022

Dr. Mary Borgo Ton is the Digital Publishing Specialist for the Illinois Open Publishing Network. She has contributed to several digital collections featuring material from the global south and has helped faculty develop multimodal writing assignments. In her webinar, she discussed writing strategies for digital publications.

Learning 'Data Visualization' with Dr. Kenton Rambsy

June 22 2022

Participants in the AFRO PWW 2 Intro to Digital Pub course learned about using data visualization (Tableau) in their social science research from Dr. Kenton Rambsy. He is an Assistant Professor of African American literature and digital humanities at the University of Texas at Arlington. He received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Kansas in May 2015. He is a 2010 Magna Cum-Laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College. At the University of Texas Arlington, Kenton teaches “The Jay Z Class.” This digital humanities course places the rapper in a broad African American literary continuum of autobiographical and semi-autobiographical works. In the class, students create datasets on Jay Z to produce thematic data visualizations, literary timelines, and a list of key terms that demonstrate the literary merit of rap music and its close ties to the larger field of African American literature.

'Intro to Digital Publishing' by Dr. Tyechia Thompson.

Dr. Tyechia Thompson led a session on storyboarding methodology for our AFRO PWW 2 Intro to Digital Pub course. She is an educator, researcher, and producer. She is a Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Associate in the Center for Humanities at Virginia Tech. Her area of expertise is African-American writers in Paris. Tyechia’s digital humanities scholarship has been supported by the Black Book Interactive Project (BBIP), Institute of Creativity, Arts, and Technology at Virginia Tech (ICAT); the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Virginia Tech (CETL), Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching (HILT), Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO); African American History, Culture, and the Digital Humanities initiative at the University of Maryland College Park (AADHUM); the Digital Pedagogy Lab at Mary Washington University (DPL); and the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities at the University of Maryland College Park (MITH).

AFRO PWW 2 Collaborations

AFRO PWW 2 Collaborates with Black Book Interactive Project Digital Publishing Scholars Program

On May 17, 2022, the AFRO PWW 2 project began its professional development digital publishing educational program with 14 BBIP scholars. The project will assist the participants with the development of digital publications of their research.

Dr. Maryemma Graham Founding Director, Project on the History of Black Writing and BBIP Lead, Distinguished Professor of English, University of Kansas, 1983 - present, Distinguished Professor of English, University of Kansas

Black Book Interactive project (BBIP) Scholars Program IV: Digital Publishing

BBIP is an initiative from the History of Black Writing at the University of Kansas. A Digital Humanities Advancement Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities will support this next phase of the Black Book Interactive Project, Building Literacy and Curating Critical Cultural Knowledge in Digital Humanities [BLACK DH].

BBSIP-SV IV: Digital Publishing is designed for higher education professionals and graduate students who have been actively teaching and working with black literature and who have a DH project that is nearing the publication stage. The program will provide digital publishing training as well as access to the History of Black Writing corpus. By the end of their tenure with the program, participants will publish a digital, open-source, peer-reviewed project.

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