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digital Publishing Overview

Interested in learning more? 
Our Introduction to Digital Publishing Seminar goes live in mid-April of 2022.

Have an idea for a digital publication? 
The project has two hands-on educational experiences—the Publications Only Workshops and the Digital Scholarship for the Digital Age Institute (DSDA). The Publications Only Workshops are designed for participants meeting the requirements for acceptance in at least one of three categories:

  • First, a potential participant has a digital project in hand ready to submit but needs to develop the skills to work in the selected platform for distribution.
  • Second, to be selected, a Publications Only Workshop participant may have a fully developed proposal that requires the creation and organization of content.
  • Third is access to and permission to create an online edition of out-of-print publications. These workshops will train participants on how to use specific digital publication platforms best suited for “their” particular project.

Cover of: Sustaining Black Studies in the 21st Century: The Digital Edition; Editors: marilyn m. thomas-houston, Irma McClaurin and Joshua Lynch

The DSDA Institute is an 8-week incubation workshop based on the original award-winning AFRO PWW in-person workshop curriculum. Fellows accepted into this workshop will learn not only how to use the four digital platforms supported by our project but produce two publications and obtain proficiency in order to teach others. This institute offers a $1,000 stipend to participants who complete the institute, and will be offered three times in 2022. While experience with digital platforms is preferred, a willingness to commit to learning is key to selection for both educational opportunities. 

Publication Workflow

AFRO PWW 2 Publication Workflow: Initial Consultation, Development, Production, Peer Review, and Publication. 

After an initial 
consultation, you may be ready to submit a project proposal or attend a software introduction workshop. Project development will be the next stage after the introduction workshops. During any and all stages of development, you will benefit from the expertise of our Tech Team. 

Your proposal should be one- to two-page(s), single-spaced (1-inch margins, 11-point font) and in Word format. Please include the following information in your proposal:

  • Resumé.
  • Overview of your project’s subject matter, argument, and methodology.
  • Similar publications in the field.
  • Anticipated readership.
  • Justification for choosing to publish a digital publication versus a traditional one.
  • Email your project to the following Email Address ( With the Subject: “Publication Submission Proposal”.

Publication Tools

We Can Support you and your projects.

PWW utilizes a suite of publication tools and platforms to support your projects. We will work with you to determine which tools and platforms best meet your publication goals and requirements.


Simple software, based on WordPress for the production of eBooks in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF formats.


An authoring and publishing platform that enables users to assemble media from multiple sources and juxtapose them with their own writing in a variety of ways.


A web-publishing platform for displaying collections and exhibitions. 

Open Journal Systems

A journal management and publishing system that can support serial publications and other forms of modular content.

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